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Historical Twitters

Twitter spoof site features Jesus, Gandhi and John Lennon
Twitter fans have set up a spoof website imagining the Tweets that historical figures including Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi and The Beatles' John Lennon would have posted.
By Matthew Moore

Historical Tweets features snappy micro-blogs showing the thoughts of famous people at key moments in the past, as opposed to the standard Twitter fare of trivia from web users' humdrum lives. The joke site copies the distinctive design of the popular short-form blogging service which allows users to post 140 character updates on what they are doing.

A few days before Martin Luther King's inspiring speech in Washington, DC in 1963, the US civil rights leader Tweets: "Bought a sleep journal. I keep having dreams but forget to write them down." Neil Armstrong's supposed message plays on claims that the 1969 moon landing was faked by the US government, and that the famous footage was filmed in a studio. In a Tweet to fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin, he jokes: "Headed to the set... I mean moon. LOL. You been practicing slow motion "no gravity" walk?"

Historical Tweets also imitates the blithe self-deception exhibited by some real-life Twitter users to comic effect. Ahead of his disastrous defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876 General Custer messages native Indian leader Sitting Bull: "I warn in advance, this battle will make me famous".

Describing his relationship with Yoko Ono, who had a strained relationship with the rest of The Beatles, John Lennon Tweets: "Met new girlfriend. Bandmates love her".

In their tongue-in-cheek description of the site, the creators of Historical Tweets said they hope to make the past more palatable to a modern generations used the getting their information in bite-sized chunks. "Books have been ruining history. So many unnecessary words. Now, with Historical Tweets, history's most amazing men and women can be fully understood, a mere 140 characters at a time."

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