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Just felt like mentioning this.

I was just listening to the Blue Beatles album 1967-1970, and it occured to me that there are 28 songs on there, almost all of which are masterpieces (especially the John Lennon tracks), and it can never cease to amaze me how all these songs were written and recorded in a 3 year period.  It's outstanding the quality of their song writing.  When you consider most bands today may write a brilliant song every so often, maybe once or twice in 5-6 years.

It's impossible to say which is the best song on that album - Strawberry Fields Forever, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, All You Need is Love, A Day in the Life, Revolution, Let it Be, Here Comes the Sun, The Ballad of John and Yoko, Come Together, and Across the Universe.  How good are these songs?

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