cindyleed (cindyleed) wrote in lennontwist,

intro and a question about "Remember"

Hi. I'm Cindy and just joined this community as I had a John Lennon song question that I was googling and it took me here.  I'm already a livejournal user so why not I can keep up on my JL facts too.  I'm a huge fan and have listened to John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band release with the classic "Mother" on it.  I've listened to this album many many time and just yesterday I was listening to "Remember" in my car.  Of course I was singing along.  As I sang the last line though... I realized that it was the 5th of November.  I don't know what the significance is and I was wondering if anyone knows what he meant that we should always remember the 5th of November?  TIA.
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